Élan the 1-Man Band

“Élan the 1-Man Band” is the name of David’s solo music act in which he performs both popular covers and original music. Using a BOSS RC-300 Loop Station and a variety of instruments to create multiple layers of sound, you will think you’re listening to a full band! From Blues and Jazz to Popular music of the last century, you can bet you’ll be humming along to some of your favorite tunes before the night is out. David’s original music blends popular styles like those already mentioned along with a host of others such as Folk, Bluegrass, Hip-Hop, and World Music for a unique sound all his own. David is ready to hire for any and all events (especially those in need of a full band sound with limited space/budget).

Popular Music

Here is the classic Pink Floyd sing a-long song:

A classic funk hit by Kool and the Gang:

The classic Shaker traditional Simple Gifts arranged by Élan:

A cherished instrumental rock ballad written by Santo and Johnny in 1959:

Original Music

The debut of David’s newest song Scout Lake, a blues tune in A minor.

Here is a song with a Latin flare!

Who said the world has had enough of silly love songs?

Here is an original Jazzy Hip-Hop song:

If you would like to book David for an event or contact him about a music project please call him at (503) 729-7924, email at elanpromusic@gmail.com, or visit the Contact Page.