Rogers & Kelley

Rogers and Kelley is a musical duo with David Rogers and David Kelley.  Kelley studied under Rogers in the classical guitar program at Southern Oregon University between 2005-2010.  They have a long history of playing together in numerous ensembles.  Rogers and Kelley play a mix of Classical, Jazz, and Spanish Fusion along with some original material.

Here is an arrangement for two guitars of an invention by the great Johann Sebastian Bach!

Here is a rendition of a classic Jazz tune.  The keyboard instrument is called a melodica.

A beautiful composition by Grammy-Award winning jazz guitarist Pat Metheny from his album Imaginary Day:

Here is a 70’s Jazz Fusion piece by Steve Kuhn.

If you would like to book David or Rogers and Kelley for an event please call David at (503) 729-7924, email at, or visit the Contact Page.