River Green

River Green is the name of a dynamic new duo between songwriters David Kelley and Colin Riversong.  Having formerly performed and toured together in the Rock group Jupiter’s Beard, David and Colin have a natural chemistry when playing together.  Specializing in both original music and popular covers, River Green is available to hire for all events in Oregon and beyond (if the price is right. . .).

This is a rendition of the famous George Harrison song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

Here is an original song by David in a lounge Jazz Style, called “Lodestone Love”

Here is a rocking original song by Colin called “The Crier”

Speaking of Jupiter’s Beard, here is a recording from back in 2013 of a live show at Taroko Bar in Ashland, Oregon with the original band lineup!

If you would like to book David or River Green for an event please call David at (503) 729-7924, email at elanpromusic@gmail.com, or visit the Contact Page.